Welcome to my story.

I'm so happy that you're here! Thank you for taking a moment out of your life to get a glimpse inside of mine. I hope my story not only inspires you, but also encourages and motivates you to live the life God has planned for you.

Meet Her

Throughout my life I have experienced a lot of love, joy, happiness, and success. But like many others, I’ve had my share of low points in my life. There were a lot of tears I had to cry through, situations and people that left me feeling hopeless and defeated; and even though I had the support of my family and friends, there were many times where I had to rely on my inner strength to deal with those circumstances. All which were new experiences that I had never faced before. I’ve experienced heartache, loss, rejection, and financial struggles among other pain but every negative card that life has dealt me, I’ve beat.  I feel so blessed that God has given me an inner strength that has been able to overcome all of my pain and struggles and not let them break me, define me, or change my heart. Even when I reached my lowest of low and felt like I was over, I somehow always found a way to get through it. I’m a strong believer that everything we experience in life is not by accident. There’s a reason that I’ve gone through what I have. A reason that I’ve encountered the people I have, both good and bad. I believe that reason is for me to help others that are experiencing similar situations that I went through to help them face those challenges and overcome them. I am grateful for the pain, the hard times, and the negative people throughout my journey because without it all, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’ve learned so many lessons, grown, and been able to help others along the way. I have matured and gained wisdom and a new outlook on life. I now pride myself in not letting the unfortunate things in life get the best of me and to always give my struggles to God and look to Him. I’ve always loved connecting with other people, helping them, showing them unconditional love, and helping them find happiness. I hope to share my stories and experiences with woman and young ladies and by doing so, meet them where they currently are in life and help them get where they are trying to go.


Video of the Month

Your life is yours and yours alone. You should never feel ashamed for your growth or your current life path. You're allowed to mature. You're allowed to outgrow friendships/relationships even family members. 

This is your journey. Some may not understand it but it's not always meant for everyone to understand.

My Journal